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Macau : a bit of Europe & a bit of Vegas in Asia

The night when I arrived in Macau, I feel like in Europe and Vegas at one time. The classic roman architecture in Fisherman Wharf reminds me of the roman style building and the glittering light from the Casino gave me the atmosphere of Vegas. Then, my dreams of Europe and Vegas that night suddenly gone when I talk to the Taxi driver. None of them can spoke English or read the English map.

This time, I am travelling with my friends using AirAsia from Jakarta to Macau (via KL) and we go directly crossing the straits to Hong Kong using the Turbojet. We skip Macau at the first day for Hong Kong experience and we put Macau for the last day before we depart back to Jakarta (again, via KL). We spent 2 days for Hong Kong and 2 days for Macau. We arrived in Macau International at around 8 PM and we take some times for taking picture around the Fisherman Wharf and Sands Casino. The night scenery is stunning with the lights from each Casino that make the City so beautiful as in Vegas.

The first night here, we only spend several hours for taking picture around Fisherman Wharf where I feel very much in classic roman story. Then we should catch up for a ferry to Hong Kong. The next two days after, we go back to Macau and here is the story of a blending experience between European style architecture and Vegas taste of entertainment from the casino. Before you go through this post, please take your time to see the big picture below.

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The Building Architecture : The Ruin of St Pauls Catedral, Penha Church, Senado Square

I start the sightseeing at the night after we arrived back from Hong Kong. One of my friends got to go back to Jakarta and skip Macau for the sake of her office calling for workshop that she finally realized doesn’t worth enough. So we are now four left. Three guys and one lady.

We start from one of the popular destination. The Ruins of St pauls but this time we try with the unpopular way : at night. The hotel we stayed (Guia Hotel) is located at Guia Hills and we only needs to walk around 20 minutes from the hotel to Ruin of St Pauls.

I am really enjoying walking through the street with the view of an old building which taste doo European. In here, they named the streets using the Portuguese name: Avenida, Estrada, Rua and Travessa. Avenida and Estrada refer to the main road which usually have two lines while Rua is smaller road which usually one way line. Travessa is a narrow street which can only be access by bicycle, motorcycle or pedestrian

European Style Building

St Paul ruins at night

The day after we go to the next destination for sightseeing An Ma temple and Penha Church. This time we should take a cab and continue by walking for several km. It takes around half an hour from Guia Hotel to An Ma Temple . It is quit effort for us to walk to Penha Hill, but the astonishing view can pay for that effort

An Ma Temple

Penha Church

Macau Tower-view from Penha Hill

From Penha hill, we go to Senado square while also walk over the St Dominic Church and St Augustine Church. We are having brunch at Mc Caffe around the Senado Square where I am having trouble to get the chilli sauce from the servant since they cannot speak English until finally a nice lady help me translating what I want to the servant.

Toward the Senado Square-My Friend Riri wearing a hat.

In front of St Dominique Church

Senado Square-MOP 100

Senado crowd

Senado crowd

The Gambling Industry  and the Migrant Worker.

It’s a Friday and we went to a mosque for Friday praying. It was in the Islamic Association Head Office, Muslim Community Centre. The location is at the area of muslim cemetery. We met an Indonesian worker here. I forgot his name, he tell us the story of several migrant workers from Indonesia who have been tricked by some institution who promises them a job in other country (Japan,South Korea, Taiwan) but ended up by leaving them here in Macau.

It was so sad to hear their story that ended up like this, working in one of the casino, spa, or other entertaiment industry in Macau. Those man are moslem which is forbiden for those kind of things as gambling , but they didnt have any other choice rather than to work in that industry. The man whom I talk to also said that this mosque is a place for a person like him to find some help. The people here are very friendly and they share the spirit of muslim brotherhood. They hope that none of other migrant worker from Indonesia get tricked by those institution.It so sad to hear that story. 

The next agenda is an invitation from Sofitel for an afternoon tea. I will gave the full report of our once in a life time experience in Sofitel Macau here. Thanks to Sofitel and our new friend, Jay Lee who let us look around the rooms in Sofitel Ponte 16. Here are some of the picture of Macau from above which I have taken from one of the room in Sofitel.

Macau from above Sofitel Ponte 16
Macau from above Sofitel Ponte 16

Venetian Macau dan City of Dreams

Having satisfied looking around the Sofitel we continue the journey to the Casino Spot using the shuttle bus from Sofitel to Macau Ferry Terminal and take the other Shuttle from the Ferry Terminal to Venetian Resort and Hotel. Our first destination here is the Venetian Macau Gondola which cost MOP 108. 

Meet Sofia, the Gondoliers

City of Dreams

The Bubble show. The nest destination is watching the bubble show at the City of Dreams which now cost for MOP 30. Several travel blog as I read from the internet said that it was free of charge but now they charge a ticket of MOP 30 for each person. You may look at the video here.

So that the story of 2 days in Macau where I and my froends are exploring the European style building and vegas at one time. If you would like to smell the frangrant of Hong Kong harbor and odorous skyline you may read it here.

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