Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Day in Museum

My friends are coming to town. They are hold a meeting between a group of a traveling community called Banten Backpacker (BB). They met up in Semanggi on Saturday to watch a movie, having some lunch and the next day they went to several museum in Kota Tua Area. I didnt came to the saturday meeting but I came on sunday for a tour de musee : Monumen Nasional, Museum Bank Mandiri, Museum Bank Indonesia, Museum Fatahilah and Museum Wayang (Puppet Museum). Dont tell anyone..This is my first time to get to the Monumen Nasional in my life.

I am not lieying. this is my very first time to come up to the top on Monas at arounf 115 m from the ground. It was so hillaious to be in the top of Jakarta. I can see almost the tallest building in Jakarta Pusat from Monas. But I was so crowded. We have to queue for abaout one hour just to get to the top.

This is the photos..Enjoy...

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